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One Dimensional Cutting Optimization

One dimensional stock cutting is classic combinatorial optimization problem. It has applications in industries wherever stock is "linear" in nature and various cutting patterns are possible in order to fulfill the need like steel pipes and bars, film rolls, paper and fiber industries etc.

Consider the following case of manufacturing steel pipes:

You manufacture steel pipes of fixed length say 100 feet

Customers' demand is as follows:
  1. 45 pieces of length 97 feet
  2. 36 pieces of length 61 feet
  3. 31 pieces of length 49 feet
  4. 14 pieces of length 21 feet
  5. 35 pieces of length 75 feet
  6. 24 pieces of length 12 feet
  7. 55 pieces of length 10 feet

How many minimum pipes are needed so that this demand is fulfilled?
How to cut the pipes so that wastage (trim loss) is minimized?

There are 640 different cutting patterns for this miniature exercise. For real life problems, there can be zillions of possible cutting patterns. Hence finding optimal cutting patterns for the need cannot be decided easily. In Operation Research there are certain techniques which provide the solution to this problem.

One possible optimal solution is
Repeat -- Length(Freq), Length(Freq)
10--55(1), 35(1)
19--35(1), 31(2)
12--35(2), 24(1)
10--35(2), 14(2)
 1--45(1), 36(1), 14(1)
Total Pipes Required : 132
Total wastage  12.6%  (w.r.t. single 13200 feet pipe available)
How to read cutting plan:
Read first line as
Cut 1 piece of 55, 1 piece of 35 from 1 pipe (100 feet) and repeat this process 10 times

Our solution has been designed using a hybrid approach of many techniques. Moreover we provide it as "Software as a service (SasS)". Thus, no need to buy and deploy the product on your machine. You can use it online by uploading your stock length and demand and get immediately the optimal cutting plan to save your money.

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